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Helping your business

Ausbuy was established over 25 years ago to help independent bathroom and plumbing businesses compete with larger corporate chain stores. 

John Kelley took over management of the group in 2007 and over the subsequent years grew its numbers from 30 to over 100 members. John had spent many years in the industry prior to this working for both suppliers (including Dorf, Clark and Reln) and merchants (Watson & Crane and Trade-link).

His son Chris Kelley joined 2 years later to assist as the group's size increased. Chris bought with him a keen focus on  building sales along with some much needed technological improvements.

Recent efforts have focused about building AusbuyERP - a software platform that members can use to take their businesses through the next decade. AusbuyERP is more than just Point of Sale Software - it is an enterprise level application that is centrally managed by Ausbuy. It includes:

  • Pricing and product updates, including images.

  • Full functioning website with eCommerce (with all products from our preferred suppliers already loaded)

  • Full accounting package (integrated with all other components)

  • Full inventory management (including real cost FIFO inventory valuation)

  • Comprehensive CRM system (integrated) 

  • Sales Management

  • Purchasing management with automated order or reorder (min/max)

  • Pipeline of development to allow members to utilise new technology and market places as they become available (EDI, Amazon and Ebay Linking, Social Media marketing and more).

At Ausbuy, we pride ourselves on providing practical solutions to both our members and suppliers to help their bottom lines and make life, just that bit easier. 

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