Ausbuy ERP information and instructions

Videos and instructions on how to get the most out of AusbuyERP


Basic Set Up - where to start
  • Set up your user name and password - please note that user names and passwords are case sensitive

  • Bookmark your webpage as you'll login every day - also save your user name and password. I suggest using Chrome or Microsoft Edge to store your password as its safer than typing it in every day (make sure your computer is secure)

  • Set up a Daily/Weekly/ Monthly to do to ensure you stay onto of your business  - download an example here 

  • A quick glimpse of what it can do  - video

What I need from you
  • your customer contacts - paste them into this spreadsheet or just email them through

  • Any product files that are not in they system already (non-ausbuy suppliers) - please have these put into the the following template - ask me if you can't and we can work something out

  • Any special/specific price files for ausbuy suppliers (extra discounts for example)

  • Extra information and photos for your web page.
  • Video's

    • The difference between Point of Sale and a back end sale

    • How to complete a POS sale

    • How to do a quote 

    • The 3 stages to complete a sale (Sales/Delivery/Invoice)

    • How to stay on to of your sales

  • Video

    • How to send a basic order

    • How to recieve products and create a bill

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