About Us

Ausbuy has been helping independent Bathroom and Plumbing stores throughout Australia for over 20 years.

We are passionate about helping our members and continuously work to improve their offer.

Whilst we strive to strive to provide competitive pricing and trading terms for our stores, we are currently focused on rolling our our ERP software. For a small fee, this software provides members with enterprise level IT abilities including:

  • Point of Sale - very similar to what you see at Coles and Woolworths self serve check out
  • Comprehensive CRM set up including the ability to send great looking quotes quickly and easily.
  • Managed product lists and prices - never worry about uploading the latest price list again, (images and spec sheets for over 200,000 products are currently being added)
  • Inventory control - Purchase orders are created automatically when you sell something not in stock, or better yet, create min/max stock levels that automatically reorder when you hit pre determined levels.
  • Full pricing control for you purchasing and sales (discounts based on customers and formulae's along with the ability to set up quantity buys/purchases)
  • Your own online ecommerce store that is part of the system - the products and pricing are already there and orders flow straight into your system. Your customers can also log in and see their quotes, order history and special pricing.

Chris Kelley
Group Co-ordinator 

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